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Welcome to AJZ Craftz

Your wedding is the inspiration

* Modern*

* Classic*

* Ornate*

* Specific Theme*

* Your ideas*

* Your unique design*

Do you love the concept of true handcrafting but know it can be very expensive?

AJZ Craftz specialises in making exclusive, personally designed wedding stationery to your exact requirements at a fraction above cost price.

Possibly cheaper than yourself because we have equipment and resources readily available.

See what AJZ Craftz can create just for you using your ideas, any style and colour can be incorporated to make wedding stationery so beautiful yet affordable.

No one will have the same as you - anywhere! All aspects of Wedding Stationery are available and fully coordinated throughout.

Working with you on a friendly one to one basis Angela will help you keep within budget without losing your Wedding theme. Get the “Wow” factor for your Wedding.

Handwritten calligraphy adds that special something printing alone cannot offer. A wide variety of fonts and ink colours are available on request.

The Before You Order page is a helpful guide to enable your design to be specifically created to your requirements.

Contact us using our enquiry form, telephone or email, with any ideas. Pricing details can be included with your sample. Just ask for a quote.


Give Your Wedding
The WOW Factor

Handmade flowers, silk flowers, ribbon, embossing and embellishments can all be used to create a unique design.

For a personal touch to your Wedding Stationery let us handcraft a sample to suit your ideas.


Wedding Stationery
Hand made in Suffolk

Use our enquiry form, telephone or email, with your ideas and any questions. A Free sample will be sent with every enquiry. Pricing details can be included with your sample.

Just ask for a quote.


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